Speaking in Cod Tongues

Lenore Newman explores Canada’s rich and evolving culinary landscape in Speaking in Cod Tongues. From oceans to prairie, from bakeapples to fiddleheads, from maple syrup to k’aaw, from the height of urban dining to picnics in parks, Newman describes a delicious and emerging melange representing the multifaceted nature of Canada.

“Humourous and intellectual, poignant and celebratory, theoretical and poetic, all in the same space. I am not aware of any other scholarly or popular book that covers such a wide ground on Canadian food culture with so much detail and skill.” Irena Knezevic, Food Security Scholar, Carleton University

“A fascinating culinary tour.” Janis Thiessen, Food Historian, University of Winnipeg and author of the forthcoming Snacks: A Canadian Food History